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Designing based on flow properties testing. Lecture 8, the final lecture in our main solids flow series.

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The basics of solids flow

Lecture 8 (the final section)

Joe Marinelli of Solids Handling Technologies takes you through a typical design example.  The example begins with an assignment you may receive to design a bin and feeder to reliably handle your product.

Joe discusses the actual data plots that would typically be generated during testing of your materials and their interpretation.  He uses the Jenike design approach to calculate opening sizes and hopper angles.


Joe discusses minimum opening size calculations and hopper angles for mass flow conical hoppers and wedge type hoppers.  He also describes funnel flow bin designs requiring calculation of your material’s rathole dimensions.  A design is ultimately created according to the data and calculations made during the presentation.

 The online video class is given along with handouts of the presentation and a quiz that will help to ensure your complete understanding of the concepts. Upon purchase of the course you will have 3 days to view the course before your access expires.


Design Principles for Reliable Flow


  • Introduction
  • Slide Handout
  • Lecture
  • Quiz

About Your Instructor

Joe Marinelli

Joe Marinelli

Senior Consultant

Joseph Marinelli, the founder of Solids Handling Technologies, Inc. in Rock Hill, SC is a bulk materials handling expert who has taught hundreds of highly acclaimed engineering seminars.  Since 1972, he has been active in testing bulk solids and consulting on materials handling systems design.  With Jenike & Johanson, Inc., world-renowned experts on solids handling, Mr. Marinelli received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

Mr. Marinelli has also worked for manufacturers of solids handling equipment, such as feeders and silos.  This background provides a unique blend of consulting and manufacturing experience to solve solids flow problems.

He lectures frequently, teaching courses on solids flow principles and flow property testing, and has authored several papers and an encyclopedia section on the subject.  Since 1997, he has been involved with very popular seminars at the University of Wisconsin in the areas of bin and feeder design and solids flow property testing.  He is also a columnist (“Powder Perspectives”) for the website,


Yield Loci

Flow Functions

Wall Friction Angles

Arching Dimensions

Ratholing Dimensions

Mass Flow Angles


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Excellent explanation of the Bin Design Process

From jason clark

I felt the the course provided a clear experience for the user. The lecture was smooth start to finish. Because the design process has many steps and similar sounding terms it is helpful that th...

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